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Ayush Joshi emerging as a custodian in promoting and establishing Uttarakhand culture with his esteem desire

Ayush Joshi learning folk music from padmshri Dr Madhuri bharthwal

Today we are going to introduce you to a young youth of the music field who has achieved special fame in this field in a very short time, really it is a matter of great pride for Uttarakhand.  A young Seeker emerging as a custodian of folk Music Ayush joshi of dunda village District uttarkashi is now learning folk music from padmshri Dr Madhuri bharthwal She is the first woman to be a music composer in All India Radio. She is said to be the first female Garhwali musician to become a music teacher from whom he get inspired as she introduced showed him the real colours of folk and correct path. Now Ayush is working as a seeker of these arts forms which he want to spread all across the world as folk Music has a huge potential to demonstrate the geographical cultural aspects of uttrakhand Music is a huge part of the cultural and traditional ethos of Uttarakhand. They have songs to celebrate every month, occasion, auspicious time etc. there are varying degrees of differences between the folk music of Garhwal to that of Kumaon.AYUSH JOSHI UTTARAKHAND MUSIC SINGER

The main aim of Ayush Joshi is to promote Uttarakhand folk culture through his music
The traditional richness of Uttarakhand is depicted clearly through its songs and music which the people sing to celebrate special occasions. The folk songs here can be categorised into different sections like – marriage, ceremonies, melancholy etc. These songs are accompanied with the traditional musical instruments like Dhol, Thali, Dholki, Turri, Damoun, Harmonium etc. if you ever get to listen to the music you will definitely feel the closeness of music to nature due to its tones and melody that is produced. Recently Ayush has peformed in the 7th day of fair which took place in dunda village Uttarkashi district of uttrakhand in the honour of devi renuka mata with the status humble offering Ayush started his performance with mangal Mangal Geet or the auspicious songs are composed with an aim of being sung at weddings or during sacred ceremonies.

While the song is being sung simultaneously the purohit keeps on chanting holy Sanskrit Shlokas. Gaali Mangal Geet is sang in the form of a poem while singing these songs people also include some tease language in between and since it is an age old tradition this is not considered as an offence or bad language. These are also the songs that add an element of joy making weddings a memorable event. This mostly takes place in a Garhwali wedding and is also an essential part during this auspicious event. Which he offered in the fair by seeing and recognising Ayush dedication.

Ayush were felicitated by the director of Renuka temple committee Mr Rajdeep Singh parmaar and padam dutt joshi in the aim of promoting uttrakhand culture he also bestowed his wishes to him . In terms of Folk Music Ayush is aspired to represent his culture at global level so to Ensure this he is planning to collaborate with the artist of diferent countries despite knowing that these people doesn’t speak garhwali he willl teach them guide them to at his best as he could Ayush is also working with Vishwanath temple project in form of short documentary to start his journey he took blessing of baba kaashi vishwanath.

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